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Breed Notes

Airedale Terriers are known as the "King of Terriers". They are the largest of the AKC terriers, who were originally bred to hunt small game along the Aire River near Yorkshire, England. The breed is thought to have originated by crossing an Otter hound with the Old English Black & Tan terrier in the late 1800's. The result is the Airedale we know today as a terrier with a sweet disposition.

Airedales are exceptionally good with children, plus have notable hunting and tracking abilities, keen intelligence, and are a hearty dog with a wire coat that does not shed. They are all terrier with stamina, and can do well at obedience, tracking, agility, hunting, protection, and conformation, but most of all are excellent companions. Airedales learn very quickly and never forget, but sometimes become bored with repetitive work.

Airedales are often too smart for their own good, and can open sliding doors and kennel doors with ease, and turn on faucets. Airedales pride themselves in the ability to outsmart their owners by getting out of dog-proofed inescapable pens, fences, and rooms, thus earning the nickname of the "Houdini" dog. Despite their reputation as being fearless hunters and protectors, they will patiently and gently endure almost anything from a child, with only a gentle nudge and lick to the face.


Breed Resources

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Renee Tarleton ~ Ratatat Airedales ~  Ohio, USA

Teresa Stevens ~ Blackheath Farms ~ California, USA

Jack McLaughlin ~ Altena Airedales ~ Delaware, USA

Joyce Miller ~ Jubilee Aires ~ Texas, USA


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