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Breed Notes 

The Australian Terrier's friendly and affectionate disposition make him a wonderful companion and friend.  He is a small sturdy dog, full of spirit and courage stemming from his background as a versatile working dog from the outback of Australia, yet adaptable to most climates and has an affinity for children, the elderly and the handicapped.
The Australian Terrier was the first Australian breed to be recognized and shown in its native land and was admitted to the AKC Registry in 1960, the first terrier addition in 24 years and the 114th breed entered into the AKC Stud Book.


Breed Resources

AKC Breed Standard

Australian Terrier Club of America

Australian Terrier Rescue

Australian Terrier Club of South Australia

Australian Terrier Club of New South Wales Inc.

Australian Terrier Journal

Australian Terrier Club of Finland


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Janet Maas ~ Akiba Aussies ~  South Carolina, USA

Jeannine L. Johnson ~ Tattercoats Australian Terriers ~ Oregon, USA

Susan Bentley ~ Benayr Australian Terriers ~ Idaho, USA

Ulla Bjorkman ~ Unita's Australian Terriers ~ Finland

Gillian Bartlett ~ Teraustralis ~ South Australia

Andy Johnstone ~ Shandry Australian Terriers ~ South Auckland,  New Zealand


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