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Breed Notes

Living with a Bedlington is a little different from a lot of terriers.  They are the "GENTLEMEN" of the terrier group.  They do not posture, growl and stomp their feet.  But, will watch quietly as others get into that behavior.  But, when they have had enough or someone has gotten into their face too much, they will say, "excuse me, you are dead, as they rip a throat out!"  

They are wonderful pets with all human beings from 5 to 95.  Bedlingtons love fun and have a wonderful sense of humor.  If you can't tolerate being humiliated from time to time, you couldn't live with a Bedlington.

Bedlingtons are great for people with allergies as they do not have the same
coat as most dogs and no skin dander.

The Bedlington Terrier is strong, lithe, graceful, and built for speed The Bedlington Terrier's unique appearance combined with his assertive demeanor are two reasons why this dog is described as having "the head of a lamb," and "the heart of a lion." The coat is distinctive in appearance and requires daily five-minute groomings to keep its unique shape and healthy condition. The alert, energetic Bedlington loves to play, but is known for his mild and gentle side. His personality earns him the reputation of a great companion dog.

The Bedlington Terrier was first known as the Rothburg Terrier in the Hannys Hills of England. Joseph Ainsley of Bedlington owned the first dog known to be called a Bedlington Terrier. The breed was originally bred in England for hunting.


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