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Breed Notes

The Border Terrier is a small, lively, friendly dog which is easily groomed, healthy, and requires a minimal amount of care. He makes a wonderful little buddy for the entire family.

The Border Terrier descends from ancient hunting stock along the border between England and Scotland. Farmers and shepherds preserved a particular strain of
friendly, but game, working terriers to hunt fox, otters, and other vermin.
The Border combines the "big dog" virtues in a small dog package. Owners proudly claim that it is "...the purebred dog that looks like a mutt". The breed is exceptionally good with children, and BT's make wonderful family pets. However, due to their
strong hunting instincts and prey drive, they do no mix well with other small pets such as mice, gerbils, cats, rabbits, or Guinea pigs. They have an extreme
amount of prey drive and will chase small critters.  

                   Borders are very people oriented and eager to please.  They bond very strongly with their humans and definitely need daily interaction with the people in their pack. They are easily trained, but can be very creative thinkers and a little independent. They are very sensitive to the master's moods and usually require only a firm scolding to correct undesired behavior. Most Borders find a place to sleep with one member of the household and serve as a canine foot or pillow warmer.


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