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Terrier Assn. of Oregon


Airedale Terrier                                Ch Ch Greenfield Celtic Legend

American Stafforshire Terrier          Ch Michl R Simply Simpatico

Australian Terrier                            Harringtons Doctor Doolittle

Border Terrier                                   Ch Glenlair's Gold Card

Cairn Terrier                                    Ch Misty Meadow General Patton

Dandi Dinmont Terrier                     Ch Crisfield Graylyn Henessey

Smooth Fox Terrier                          Seafarer Irresistible

Wire Fox Terrier                               Ch Galsul Jolly Lad

Irish Terrier                                      Ch Kalaney's Celtic Lyric

Jack Russell Terrier                         Ch Posey Canyon Eyes Of Storm

Lakeland Terrier                              Ch Black Watch Town Gossip

Standard Manchester                        Ch Salutaire Windor Who Am I

Miniature Bull Terrier                     Ch Envision Registan Jacaranda

Miniature Schnauzer                        Ch Travelmor's Kommandant Klaus               

Norwich Terrier                                Ch Jmac's Summer Time Girl

Scottish Terrier                                 Ch Wildman's Dawn Of A New Day

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier             Touchstone It's Academic!

Staffordshire Bull Terrier                 Ch Crossguns Berlscarg The Director

Welsh Terrier                                    Ch Hapitails Hit Parade

West Highland White Terrier           Ch Camcrest Andsurley Mr Fortune