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Breed Notes

The Little Big Dog with Loads of Personality

CHARACTER: The Sealyham puppy is one of the prettiest of any breed. The
Sealyham responds to affection for it is the most devoted dog and once it has come to love a person it never forgets them. It is full of fun and has a great sense of humour and is a great show off. It loves to please and most training can be instilled by the tone of voice. Because of its game character it can be aggressive with other dogs, but again training can do much to stop this tendency. It is a dog that responds well to children. From the practical point of view the Sealyham is a handy size, though no toy dog. It has a non-shed coat, so that hairs are not left around the house. It is very tough and sturdy and is adaptable, being equally at home in town or country. It is a courageous guard with a deep bark that acts as an excellent deterrent to any would be intruder. The Sealyham suffers from few hereditary defects and with sensible  management usually lives to a good age. It makes a most delightful companion. Once anyone has owned a Sealyham they become a devoted admirer and seldom change to another breed.

ORIGIN: Some hundred years ago terriers were used to go to earth and to work with hounds. Captain Edwards, a keen sportsman, who lived on the estate of Sealyham in South Wales, bred to stabilize the type of terrier required for this work. One essential was pluck. We read that any dog that could not face up to its quarry was shot. The dogs had to be low to ground, not too big, but strongly made, as they were used to go to earth for badger and fox or any rodent. From old records we learn that the following breeds all went into making the Sealyham: The Welsh Corgi for size, The Cheshire Terrier (now extinct), for colour, tenacity of purpose and gameness. The Dandie Dinmont for strength of jaw and lowness to ground, while the Wire Fox Terrier gave the double weather resisting coat, and the West Highland White kept the size small and implanted more firmly the white colour.

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