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Breed Notes

The Toy Fox Terrier is a very active and lively dog known for its hardiness. Though a small dog - 3 1/2 Ibs. to 7 Ibs., but Toy Fox Terriers think they are as big or bigger than any dog they encounter. They remain true Terriers. Their instincts for hunting can be confirmed by almost every owner of the breed.

  The breed is easily recognized with its distinctive head, with upright ears, set high on the head. The most often seen color is white/black/tan. The head is predominately black with tan eye dots and chops. The body is mostly white with or without black spots. Other colors are white/black and white/tan. The coat is short and glossy. The body appears to be square and has a gay tail that is set high and docked with about 3/5ths taken off. What tail that is left is usually in constant motion when excited or just happy.

The Toy Fox Terrier is quite intelligent, alert, loyal and fearless. Many have been trained in Obedience, or as hearing dogs, circus dogs, and service dogs. Others are regular visitors to nursing homes, bringing joy to each and everyone they visit. They may come is a small package, but they are active all their lives. After having one, you will want another.



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UKC Breed Standard

National Toy Fox Terrier Association


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Margo Carter ~ Phoenix Rising Toy Fox Terriers ~ South Carolina, USA


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