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The Irish Glen of Imaal is a family dog, not destructive to farm animals or fowl and does not look for a fight. He loves water and will hunt rat and otter. He has a very strong sense of smell and his total devoted to his family and their children and is a very good watchdog.

His appearance shows strength and endurance and he is not afraid of the largest dog.  A powerful head with a strong skull, ears small, fine, rose or half pricked when alert (he looks as if he can hear and understand all conversation and anticipates the unexpected).  He has great strength for his size, the long body and with being low to the ground with forelegs slightly bent, great bone which gives the power to dig.  

The coat comes in to two colors Blue/brindle or wheaten. The original color of the blue/brindle was called slate and tan, being often referred to as brindled in the old records.  In latter years the color have changed slightly, but the blue/brindle is more clearly defined.  Puppies are often darker when born and will lighten out. Over the years I have noticed that the original slate and tan is reappearing occasionally. Strip out a blue/brindle dog and the undercoat turns inky blue and will lighten out as it grows. The same applies in the Wheaten, it turns a dark red when striped out and will lighten when the coat grows. You can of course get a dilution to blue but nearly always a slight tan appears on some part of the body. The first dogs were undoubtedly blue/brindle with the tan patches being slightly larger. The Irish Kennel Club standard is accepted by the F.C.I. internationally. Dogs are now disqualified if they are blue with tan points, similar to those of an Australian Terrier or Airedale.


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